A.J. Pericleous undertakes the Structural Engineering of Trilogy Towers


Experienced and world-class architects, designers, engineers and developers work together to deliver a project of high standards: The Trilogy.  A.J. Pericleous could not be absent from this local phenomenon of global stature. Its structural engineering design is carried out by A.J. Pericleous, in collaboration with the US firm Thornton Tomasetti and Andreas Evripidou Engineers.

The  Trilogy Limassol Seafront (Trilogy) is a trio of beachfront towers with heights ranging from 165m to 190m for office and residential usage. Trilogy is located in the heart of Limassol, and its concept is based on the principles of living well, working hard and having a playful mood.  

Trilogy offers a wide range of luxury apartment types and sizes with an impressive view of the sun-kissed Limassol shore. Therefore, is something more than an impressive project, it is a meeting point where people are gathering to share life experiences and business ideas. A private pool for residents, classy restaurants and bars, and a spacious lobby constitute the perfect meeting points to enjoy life and develop business concepts. Moreover, the podium structure, which occupies around 120.000sqm includes parking spaces, retail areas and plazas.

A.J. Pericleous is promoting the values of business excellence and teamwork by developing good relationships with all the stakeholders involved in the project while ensuring its smooth  implementation through a cohesive and step by step approach.

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