What we do

Design and management of civil engineering projects

Structural and Seismic design
i. Reinforced concrete buildings
ii. Steel structures
iii. Timber structures
iv. Retrofit and structural upgrade of structures

Geotechnical engineering
i. Slope stability analysis
ii. Piles
iii. Retaining walls
iv. Underpinning
v. Earth lagoons design
vi. Deep excavations

Design of storm water drain and sewage network systems

Infrastructure projects

Management, contract administration and supervision of relevant projects

Consulting services as technical advisors

Our firm has been appointed by private companies as technical advisors for projects that were designed and built by the contractor.

Forensic engineering & expert’s witness

Our firm has conducted technical investigations that were assigned by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), insurance firms and other private sector clients.

Local design representatives

Our firm’s engineers have been appointed as local design site representatives for projects designed by international engineering practices and executed in Cyprus.