UK Institution of Structural Engineers shortlists Akrotiri Environmental Training Center by A.J. Pe


A.J. Pericleous is striving to promote innovation and sustainable solutions. As a result of company’s focus on expertise and design excellence, the project of Akrotiri Environmental Training Centre was shortlisted by the Institution of Structural Engineers of UK, among more than 300 projects worldwide, for a Structural Award in the category of Small Engineering Practices.  The UK Institution of Structural Engineers has over 28,000 members based in more than 100 countries around the world.

The project of Akrotiri Environmental Training Centre was assigned to A.J. Pericleous in mid-January 2012 by the JV of contractors, CSP-Interserve, long-term services provider at the British Bases in Cyprus. Among the main objective of A.J. Pericleous’ design team was to provide a remarkable structure which would stand out, as well as, to motivate people to visit this facility. The energy efficiency of the building and the low carbon footprint were achieved by implementing a sustainable architecture and utilizing renewable energy sources.

The innovative and environment-friendly design fulfilled the Client demands within the specific timeframe and budget constraint. Moreover, it still has a considerable impact on the community because it serves its main purpose which is to create environmental awareness.

Promoting the values of excellence, energy efficiency and innovation are among the main priorities of A.J. Pericleous as the engineering practices of the company take into consideration the aspects of sustainability and respect for the environment.

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